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omid on ???
very nice!

omid on no snow this winter
very nice & Beauty

HAMZEH on quite enough
Hi Happy New 2011

philip earl on quite enough
looks cold ~ happy new year !

Tharpa Chuwo (Valeriy) on zendo in Kazimierz
Could you kindly provide the address of these meditation premises? My e-mail address is indicated above. Recently we ...

Daniel on old fashion
Świetne fotki!!!

Magda on shooting concert
great candid! kto grał na scenie?

Magda on Bonsho
very nice! ciekawe naświetlenie i kolor! ;)

mumonzan on fields at Kazimierz
:) How knows? :)

Spring Break on fields at Kazimierz
What happened to the guy cutting the log? Zombies come out of the fog?

DarkElf on still foggy
superb shot! i like the soft light thanks to the prevalent fog... it gives the scene a nice mysterious mood and a cool ...

Peggy M. on foggy day

Didier on foggy day
mysteriious mood beautiful photograph

Eleftheria! on 2009 Buddha
Happy new year 2009!

Hikari on sunset
This is a fantastic shot , looks like the place is on fire !

Hikari on shooting concert
Hi mumonzan ! , thanks for your comments , you have some great photos in your portfolio , about google earth you should ...

Roman on shooting concert
It looks like all the cameras are pointed in one direction???... Is there an atractive female singer on the stage???... ...

timothy on Buddha
hey, this is a great image! seems like we have been photographing similar subjects :-)

don on wedding season
A fine street scene with this special event as a special subject. I find all the other people very interesting in ...

Ana Lúcia on folk concert
Lovely shot of the moment..... Very musical indeed.

DarkElf on just a sky
just a sky - but what colours! wonderful!

zahra on water lock near Zalesie, Poland
beautiful B&W shot

DarkElf on going fishing
great shot here, i like where you placed the people and the overall mood is very nice as well!

Julie McLeod on going fishing
Wonderful mood presented here.

Ron on Red Colobus from Zanzibar
Beautiful portrait ... spectacular background!

Stefan on Red Colobus from Zanzibar
cool portrait!

kooshan on Red Colobus from Zanzibar
marvelous shot ... focus need a little more depth

niña on Red Colobus from Zanzibar
amazing portrait. great details and superb DOF! like a National Geographic shot. good job!

Observing on Red Colobus from Zanzibar
What a great shot, good photography..!

Eleftheria, 9 years old, on Red Colobus from Zanzibar

Silvia on Red Colobus from Zanzibar
Wow, Tolles Foto!!!!!

Helen on on boats in Zanzibar
Amazing shot! Congrats. I'd like to see this in B&W too.

linus. on sunrise in LloretDeMar
lovely colour tone and composition.

DarkElf on sunrise in LloretDeMar
good composition and some nice colour tones!

akarui on sunrise in LloretDeMar
Beautiful colors.

Alun Lambert on sunrise in LloretDeMar
great shot, good Dof

Dimitrios on sunrise in LloretDeMar
superb sky

willow on sunrise in LloretDeMar
Nice perspective.

Marta on sunrise in LloretDeMar
wonderful, beautiful colors, great shot

Marion on LloretDeMar
What a wonderful warm pathway caught in the morning sun. Excellent photograph. Can see the tiny moon still in the sky.

Stefan on LloretDeMar
I love this wonderful warm light, fine image!

Mary on zendo in Kazimierz
Lovely tranquil environment and lovely light in your photo

Michael Rawluk on earring
Very nice. You got the light perfect.

Barbara on zendo in Kazimierz
Beautiful filtered light. The wood makes it feel warm. So peaceful of a place. Excuse my lack of knowledge on the ...

Barbara on orioki altar
Very beautiful glowing light, I like the wood tones. Like danthro said "simple but elegant" Very nice. I am ...

Barbara on earring
The earring is beautiful. I would love to have a pair like this. A very nice micro shot. Great light with excellent ...

danthro on orioki altar
simple but elegant. nice shot.

Eleftheria, 9 years old, on orioki altar
Lovely shot!

Sandrine on zendo in Kazimierz
Love this shot... very inviting and the light is beautiful...

voytaz on Warsaw Center
super! a nie ścigali za aparat w metrze? moja kolezanke spisali jak miala sprzet w torbie, ale foto xtra fajnie sie ...

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